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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I work with the Cathy Blassino Team?

The Cathy Blassino Team is a growing team of Maryland real estate experts with experience, integrity and sales-driven results. Most importantly, the Cathy Blassino Team takes the time to get to know you.

We listen carefully to what you want. You tell us your goals, and we develop a deep understanding of your individual long or short-term plans. We will help you to get the best price and will stay in touch from beginning to end. Your questions are always important to us.

Our consultations with you are built around hearing what you have to tell us.  The process will be smooth and seamless when we become your REALTOR®.

Are you selling your home? You will receive one-on-one service as we bring your home to market.  We provide a staging consultation, which is a complementary service.  We help to determine the right price in the current market and within your timeframe.

2. Is it a sellers' market or a buyers' market?

The Cathy Blassino Team helps you to thrive in either market.  We help you set the financial expectations and preparations you need to succeed.

seller's market happens when demand exceeds supply.  That means there could be more buyers who want to buy a home than the number of homes on the market. Several buyers may be interested in the same home, creating an auction effect.

These conditions can fluctuate. The market can become a buyer’s market. That happens when the supply of homes for sale is higher than the number of buyers.  This can be advantageous to a buyer who is looking for that great deal.

3. How do I prepare my home for sale and what is staging a home?

It’s important that your home is organized, decluttered and attractive before sale, which is all part of staging. The process of selling a home is like entering a competition, so what will you do to win that competition? Buyers are typically visiting multiple properties before they make a decision. The Cathy Blassino Team has great suggestions for how to place furniture and decorations, what colors to recommend and why less is more. Fresh, neutral décor is always attractive to buyers.

4. How do I balance all the factors needed to sell my home?

The most important thing to remember is that the price and condition of the home need to be in balance. These are two very important factors for success that we can control. The Cathy Blassino Team will give you the perfect advice on achieving the perfect balance.